Submersible Turbine Pump Stations

Design Specifications

Irrigation, Municipal, Commercial, Potable or Non-Potable

Intake Applications
Deep bore wells
Storage tanks

Performance Ranges
Flow: 200 – 3,000+ GPM and more
Pressure: 20 – 150 psi and more

Pump Configurations
Pump Quantity: Single to Multiple
Stages: 2 – 10+

Input Power Requirements

Single Phase, 3 phase
Voltages: 208, 230, 480 (Other voltages can be configured)

How Submersible Turbine Pumps Work

Submersible turbine pumps work much like vertical turbine pumps: they’re comprised of multiple stages of impellers and diffuser bowls, with each stage incrementally increasing pressure. The difference is that their motors are close-coupled to the pump, submerged underwater in a water-tight casing. This avoids problems associated with having a longer drive shaft.

Used to lift water from deep wells and underground storage tanks, submersible turbine pumps can be configured to deliver wide performance ranges.

Our Submersible Turbine stations are designed and built according to industry best practices, with UL 508A certified control panels and UL QCZJ certified pump stations. And our stations arrive pre-tested and ready to go—decreasing project lead times—increasing system uptimes.

Custom Engineered Submersible Turbine Pump Stations

As a single-source pump station manufacturer for over 20 years, we have designed and built hundreds of pump stations utilizing submersible turbine pumps.

Contact Us: We’ll custom design and build a submersible turbine pump station that best meets your unique application requirements.


Working With Us

From initial design phase to installation, maintenance, and service—our engineers and technicians combine expertise with friendly service—ensuring that your pre-packaged pump station is designed, built, and performs to your exact needs and specifications.

Design Phase

  • Our experts work with you to design a system that best meets your requirements. Before building, we provide submittals containing complete information regarding the technical specs of all major system components, including pumps, valves, sensors, filters, and control panel components—as well as detailed CAD drawings and electrical schematics.

Manufacturing and Testing

  • Each pump station is manufactured in our UL certified manufacturing facility, then, they are rigorously tested according to site-specific conditions. This way, you’ll know that the station will arrive at the site ready to perform as required by your system.

System Start-up and Training

  • Our factory trained technicians know the pump station inside and out, and will provide comprehensive training to operators and/or owners. Each station also includes a comprehensive operations and maintenance manual providing essential information to extend the life of the system.

Service and Support

  • With 24/7 support, you get the peace of mind knowing that if your pump station faults, you can talk with a real factory trained technician with access to comprehensive information about your system. This information includes CAD drawings, component spec sheets, wiring schematics, and detailed photographs of your system.

General Station Features

Custom Enclosures

  • Eliminates the need to build a costly pump house.
  • Removable bolt-down and single or double roll-off features provide easy service access.
  • 5052 H-32 Marine grade aluminum resists corrosion.
  • Locking doors prevent vandalism and intrusion.
  • Ventilation fans regulate temperature.

Heavy-duty Skid

  • 3/8” thick, brake-press folded structural stainless steel.
  • Provides support for the entire pump station.
  • Efficiently sized to provide a compact dimensional footprint.

Corrosion Fighting Powder Coating

  • Heat fused, polyester TGIC powder coatingCombats corrosion and dramatically increases the life of the pump station.
  • Piping is coated inside and out, as are the skids and manifolds.
  • Potable and Non-Potable options: NSF rated potable systems.
  • Custom colors available to meet specific requirements.

Comprehensive Warranty

  • 1 Year Warranty covering all service and replacement of all pump station components.
  • Extended warranties are available.

Pump and Motor

Submersible Turbine Pumps

  • Performance Ranges: o Flow: 5 – 1000+ GPM; Pressure (Head): 10 – 1200+ FT; HP: 0.5 – 500+ hp.
  • Low operation and

Hydraulic Features

Butterfly Isolation Valves

  • Reduce station downtime by making it easy to quickly isolate pumps and other station components for service and maintenance.

Silent Check Valves

  • Prevent water from flowing backwards through the system, silently and with minimal pressure drop.

Air Relief Valves

  • Prevent entrained air from throttling system flow, continuously acting to release air from high points in the system.

High Pressure Relief Valves (Optional)

  • Protect the system from pressure surges. Available to be electrically operated and controlled from the PLC.

Monitoring and Control

UL Listed Control Panel

  • Designed and built according to Industry Best Practices. Custom control panels designed and manufactured in a UL 508A listed facility.
  • Open Source Control. Comprehensive electrical and control schematics are included with each control panel, making them serviceable by non-proprietary service technicians.

Energy Saving Variable Frequency Drives

  • VFDs increase the efficiency of submersible turbine pump stations by adjusting the pump operations to fit fluctuating demands.
  • VFDs ensure that the system maintains constant pressure even as demand fluctuates.

Programmable Logic Controllers

  • Intelligent Controls and Monitoring. PLCs can provide comprehensive monitoring and control of the system, including monitoring total flow, intake and discharge pressure, and motor frequency and performance.
  • Motor Alternation. With multiple pump configurations, the PLC will alternate the lead and lag pumps for better wearing of the motors, extending the life of the motor.
  • System Protection from electrical faults, pressure faults, flow faults, and temperature faults.
  • Remote Monitoring. When equipped with remote SCADA tools, it is possible to monitor and control pump stations from anywhere an internet connection exists.
  • Multiple I/Os. Can incorporate multiple inputs and outputs from a range of sources, including pressure transducers, flow meters, and electronically controlled valves.

Easy to Use Human Machine Interface

  • Touchscreen interface makes controlling and monitoring the system intuitive and straightforward.

System Diagnostic Utilities

  • Enable operators to view, diagnose, and troubleshoot system faults.

Sensors, Switches and Gauges

Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges

  • Provide operators with real-time readings of both intake and discharge pressure.

Stainless Steel Pressure Transducers

  • Accurately detects system pressure and sends 4-20 mA analog signals to the PLC.

High Pressure Switches

  • A backup device that shuts the system down in a high pressure event.

Flow Meters

  • Both magnetic and paddle-wheel style flow meters measure discharge flow and sends signals to the PLC, which records the flow data and can adjust the pumps according to flow thresholds.