Enclosed Pump Stations

Protect your pump station from the elements or intruders with one of our customizable enclosures. We offer a variety of enclosures and buildings to meet your needs. Ranging from Marine Grade Aluminum Enclosures with lift off lids and multiple doors to prefabricated fiberglass buildings that can stand up to extreme weather.


Marine grade aluminum

Fiberglass Buildings

Lift-Off lids and Detachable Panel

Lockable doors

Wide Variety of Colors

Low Profile Dimensions and Design

Heating and Air Conditioning


Non-Slip floor matting

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Standard and Custom Designs


PPS is able to provide almost any option that may be desired. Contact us today!

Dual Room Municipal Turnkey Booster System

Potable, Municipal Booster System

Potable Centrifugal Booster Station

Submersible Turbine Pump Station

Potable Centrifugal Booster Station

Potable Booster System

End-Suction Centrifugal Station

Potable Centrifugal Booster Station

Irrigation End-Suction Centrifugal Station

Potable Vertical Multi-Stage Booster Station

Vertical Turbine Irrigation System

Enclosed Potable Booster Station

Vertical Turbine Station

Horizontal-Centrifugal---3000-GPM---65-PSI---Hoystville | Precision Pumping Systems

Agricultural Irrigation Booster

Commercial Irrigation Booster

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Commercial Irrigation Lift Station