We believe in good-old-fashioned customer service!

About Precision Pumping Systems

Precision Pumping Systems is based in Boise, Idaho where we design and manufacture packaged pumping systems, pump control panels and remote monitoring and control systems.

Our entire team is deeply committed to the customers we serve and the products we produce. This passion comes from over 40 years of history in the manufacturing of pump systems and our family roots in Idaho that date back over 130 years.

Our History

Precision Pumping Systems is a 2nd generation family-owned and operated pump station and controls manufacturer. The beginnings of PPS date back to 1972. That year, Nick Purdy founded Silver Creek Supply in the tiny town of Picabo, Idaho near the world famous fly fishing destination and trout stream of Silver Creek.  Silver Creek Supply started out as a local distributor and installer of agricultural irrigation systems – wheellines, handlines, mainline, center pivots and pumping systems.

As the company grew it diversified into a wide variety of interests – one of them, the manufacture of packaged pumping systems. In the late 90’s the Purdy’s sold Silver Creek Supply, but they kept the pump station manufacturing portion of Silver Creek – and Precision Pumping Systems was born. Today Nick Purdy remains very active with numerous pursuits; his three sons, Randy, Pat & Mike, have since taken over the daily management of PPS.

Since inception, PPS has engineered and built thousands of packaged pumping systems and control panels that have been shipped across the United States and overseas.  These have ranged from 30 gpm booster stations to 15,000 gpm pump systems and control panels from ½ hp up to 700 hp.  Today with over 30 dedicated employees, PPS operates a manufacturing facility that is UL 508A, UL QCZJ, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each customer and each application is unique, so every one of our pump stations and control panels is custom engineered and configured to meet your specific needs – they are not mass-produced products.

We understand that your pump station is vital to the performance of your entire system. You can’t order our pump stations on-line, because your project deserves the detailed, personal attention from our team necessary to ensure that you get the exact system you need.

Our secret is that we can do all this for less than other national brand’s off the shelf products!

As company owners, we are hands-on and directly involved in every project.  We are deeply committed to the relationships we have with our customers, and we still believe in providing good-old-fashioned customer service.

Call us today for help on your project!

– Randy Purdy and Patrick Purdy